Memorial Day — Picnic Prayer

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of traditional picnic and vacation time. The ordinary obligations of life recede, but there is never a vacation from our Christian vocation. Here are some ways to include something spiritual or religious in your picnic and travel.

Pack a prayer in your picnic basket.

Ask your pastor to bless your vehicle. When restless kids ask for the umpteenth time “Are we there yet?” go through the alphabet and see how many saints you can think of. Can you get from St. Anthony to St. Zita? Or use words in the Bible.  Acts of the Apostles, Bartholomew, covenant, David, Eucharist, and so on. My family would include stopping at a shrine. Take a detour to see a famous church, outdoor Way of the Cross, or spot known for its miracles. And if your summer is three months of “stay-cation,” add some service, good deeds, and prayer with the extra bits of leisure time family members may have.

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