First Mass

On May 27 Father Andrew Wellmann officiated his First Mass after the previous day’s ordination.  I can’t imagine the thoughts that went through his mind as he lifted the paten and chalice for the first time “in persona Christi.”  Were they nervous thoughts like “I hope I do this right”? Were they feelings of awe? Were they humble thoughts of how bread becomes Jesus Christ through the words of consecration? Regardless of thoughts or feelings, the words transformed simple gifts of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  God entrusts Himself to us,  God lets humans hold him—how humble our great God!

The occasion of a First Mass is a celebration of the parish. It’s a parish’s achievement to have a priest from among them, the fruit of their parenting, schooling, befriending, supporting.  And what a celebration it was: flowers in abundance, trumpets and flutes, eight men harmonizing in the choir loft, the newly-ordained priest’s sister as cantor and soloist, the presence of the Knights of Columbus, a sanctuary filled with priests, deacons, and altar servers. May St. John the Evangelist Church in Delphos, Ohio have many more such First Masses.

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