Each of us has a particular role in the Body of Christ. To discern our role takes constant purification and conversion, so that we can receive more light. Poor Zechariah! He always wanted a child even into his old age when he knew his longing for a son would never be fulfilled. But then one day an angel appeared to inform him that his prayer had been heard, and “your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son.” But then he blew it. His disbelief left him speechless. For five long months he was unable to speak. Writing on a tablet left him little opportunity to express the wonderment, the anticipation, and the “joy and gladness [with which] many will rejoice at his birth.” Everyone in the village assumed the baby would become Little Zack or Zechariah Junior. But Zechariah had five months of soul-searching, conversion, and enlightenment. With his parental authority, Zechariah wrote “His name is John.” The meaning of John— “The Lord has shown favor”–would characterize the prophet and precursor of the Messiah from babyhood to martyrdom.

Today reflect upon your role in the Body of Christ. How has the season of Advent helped you live your role more fully?

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