Today’s Gospel reading from the Gospel of Mark is one of my favorites. As I reflect on the friends of the paralytic who brought him to Jesus for healing, I’m reminded of the power of intercessory prayer and the gift of so many in my life who have helped me grow closer to Jesus.

But today, my reflection on this Gospel took me in a different direction. As I look forward to the beginning of Lent this Wednesday, I found myself asking, “What is the sin that paralyzes me and keeps me from true inner freedom?” What is it that keeps me from being whole, holy and healthy?

This is one of the reasons I look to Mary for guidance. She was able to set aside anything that would be an obstacle to her being loved by God and loving Him in return. She will be a good companion for me this Lent as I hear Jesus’ invitation to be truly free.

What’s paralyzing you and holding you back from being healed by Jesus?

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  1. Lesa on February 22, 2012 at 3:35 am

    Really good facts! I have already been searching for something like this for a time now. Thanks for the tips!

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