What Does God Do for a Living?

What doe God do for a living? Well, God is always on mission.  How do I know?  When we see the Son, we know the Father. After spending about 30 years in obscurity, Jesus is in the synagogue when his friends and neighbors ask him to read. This was his moment. He found the place in Isaiah that describes his identity and tests his mission. His mission was to “bring glad tidings to the poor,” “to proclaim liberty,” “give sight,” and “let the oppressed go free.”  Imagine the moment.  All eyes are on Jesus. Perhaps he takes a deep breath, quickly checks in with his Father, and declares, “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Wow! What a mission!  It turns society upside down, for the poor become rich, the confined go free, and sightless see. Did the assembly in the synagogue catch the reality?  Did they begin to think “This is salvation. This is God’s Word coming to fulfillment”?  At the center of Jesus’ preaching and ministry is the coming of the reign of God—today. What an impact!  We live in God today. We live in the Kingdom today. We don’t have to wait for death and heaven. God’s timing is like a basketball game. If your team is 20 points ahead, and there are 10 seconds to play, you just wait for the clock to run out. You know the victory, and it’s ours!  We’ve got salvation now. We live in God’s forgiveness and love now. We’ve got it all, because we have God today.

So get out there on mission!  Do the work of God today!

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