‘Tis the Season for Jubilee

It’s jubilee time in the convent, and there’s so much to celebrate! We have jubilarians of joy professed 75 years ago. They have been a joy to us and to those to whom they ministered.  We have iron jubilarians professed 65 years ago. They are still giving their firstfruits, while anticipating the final harvest already reaped through Christ’s dying and rising. We have diamond jubilarians ???????????????????????????????professed 60 years ago. God has been fashioning them all these years into radiant jewels. We have golden jubilarians professed 50 years ago. Their lives have been the golden chords that echo the mighty song of all God’s People. They still have miles to go, as they are continually being refined into purest gold. We have ruby jubilarians professed 40 years ago. Their apostolic spirit shines with enthusiasm and glowing love.  We have silver jubilarians professed 25 years ago. They have given their lives in total dedication, just as every Sister has. So raise your glass—er, prayer–in praise and thanksgiving to God and to our jubilarians.

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