The Truths We Hold

I enjoy reading. Trying to make my favorite relaxation educational, I often read biographies and autobiographies. Recently I read The Luckiest Man, Salter’s book about John McCain. Then I read The Truths We Hold by Vice-President Kamala Harris. Both (one Republican, the other a Democrat) made “we the people” their compass. These two senators were similar in their determination to help all Americans fulfill their dreams. A demanding work ethic dominated their days. The Truths We Hold ends with Kamala Harris’s mantras:

  1. Test the hypothesis.
  2. Go to the scene.
  3. Embrace the mundane.
  4. Words matter.
  5. Show the math.
  6. No one should have to fight alone.
  7. If it’s worth fighting for, it’s a fight worth having.
  8. You may be the first. Don’t be the last.

These mantras could have been John McCain’s also. They need to be the mantras of every United States citizen.

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