The Technicolored Coat

Today’s First Reading said Israel loved Joseph best of all his sons. The famous tunic led to jealous sibling rivalry. What we don’t know is what Israel gave to the other sons. Maybe he was treating each one as an individual. Maybe the tunic wasn’t special privilege. Maybe the father was loving each of the twelve sons in the way he needed to be loved. I can’t imagine having eleven big brothers made life easy for the baby of the family. A colorful tunic may have made up for a difficult life. But whatever is the real story behind the story, let’s reflect on God’s unique love for each one of us.

God loves us uniquely, giving us what we need. God treats us like a favorite, while all God’s other children are his favorites. God knows how we want and need to be loved. Could we put more effort into loving others as they need to be loved? Some people want a hug, others a word of affirmation, a congratulatory note, a listening ear, or some space. It takes effort to discern what each person needs and wants, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

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