The question of the week

In last Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” Some argue that this is THE question of the gospel. We all need to answer the question again and again along our spiritual journey.  For me, Jesus Christ is my Life, my Enough. Probably every sister claimed the same once upon a time and vowed her life to the Only One.

Vows deepen in meaning in religious life just as they do in married life. The surface level of poverty is that I claim no money for myself; it all goes for the common good. On a deeper level poverty’s detachment allows attachment to God. Obedience means more than

going to the place of ministry assigned to me by my provincial. It means listening to God’s call daily. Chastity means much more than not marrying. It means giving my whole life to God and letting God be my Enough, my Everything. That’s who I say Jesus is.

Young persons are being called to religious life, but they need your encouragement. This week please take the time to encourage someone you know. It can be as simple as “Have you ever thought of being a Sister? Let that be THE question of the week!


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