mtn“The mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established as the highest mountain. . . . All nations shall stream toward it.” (Isaiah 2) Once I had a dream about the Second Coming. Everyone was coming from all directions to climb a large grassy hill. Smiling and chuckling, people of all ages climbed. Soon after starting up the hill, the people came upon a mounded ridge that had to be crossed. I stood by the mound to be a support for every passer-by. The elderly needed to be steadied; the legs of the children were too short, and I helped the little ones over. After a while I looked to the mountain top. I saw what looked like the sun, but I knew it was the Son of God. The glowing orb had huge eyes radiating infinite delight. The mouth was open in a wide “O” of laughter. Then the eyes of the Sun/Son caught mine and winked. My decision to help others climb into the Kingdom had been approved by a Divine Wink.


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