It seems that many of my meetings and encounters of these past few days have had a strong emphasis on the importance of social media in sharing our message. A group of Vocation Directors met to discuss effective ways to reach young adults through social media, I just listened to a webinar addressing effective parish websites, I had a conversation with our communication director about our community blog content and how to link it to twitter account. There are so many avenues available and in demand of our time and attention.

I find myself stepping back and wondering just how Jesus would use social media if He was walking in our world today?  What would be the topic of his blog post? Who would He follow on twitter? Would He post a picture of Himself with His apostles? A comment made by one of our Sisters last night reminded me that above all Jesus’ greatest means for conveying His message was His joyful and engaging personality — His deep joy.  Media tools are a tremendous help, but the witness of joy is by far what draws people into the message.

Whose joyful witness has drawn you closer to Jesus?

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  1. Teri Bockstahler on May 2, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    So true! A witness of joy is always attractive, regardless of its shape, size, color, etc.! I guess Jesus was ahead of the game, which shouldn’t surprise me.

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