Be On the Lookout

Stories and movies of suspense often have a scene in which someone is on the lookout. In times of fear being on the lookout comes quite naturally. Should being on the lookout ever come “unnaturally”? Gregory Boyle in his book Barking to the Choir writes: …be constantly on the lookout for the holy in each moment. With 86,400 seconds in each day, that’s a lot of opportunity! Let’s try to find the holy a dozen times today. Listen to the wisdom of an elder or a small child. Notice the shape of clouds, the song of birds, the noise of traffic. Pay attention to lyrics, facial expressions, the unexpected, the under-appreciated. If holiness is seeing God in all things, as the Jesuits claim, then locate the God-element in everyone today. Latch on to the myriad of God-expressions, for everything can be a reminder of the holy. Be on the lookout. With practice, being on the lookout for the holy may even come naturally.

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