The Baptismal Font is a Tomb

From the earliest years after Jesus rose from the dead, the tomb has been a symbol of the baptismal font. Just as the women carrying spices wondered how they would ever roll back the stone, the earliest Christians wondered whether they could surmount the impediments to new life in Jesus Christ. Could they roll back their fear of persecution, rejection, and the comfort of a religious path they had known all their lives?

The newly baptized are a month old now. 

At the Easter vigil they faced death as they were baptized into the death of Jesus.
Water dripping from their heads, they rose to new life in Christ.


What does that new life mean now?
Is it a new way to spend Sunday mornings perhaps with some inconvenience?
Are they missing their old friends from their former church?
Do they feel welcomed?
Are they learning parishioners’ names?

The reality is that all obstacles have been removed by the power of Jesus’ resurrection.
Let us help the newly baptized and one another feel that nothing separates us from Christ.

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