The 3 M’s of Advent

            Let’s make Advent an Advent-ure by becoming more aware of God’s coming. One way is to consider the three M’s of Advent. The first M stands for Memory. In the four weeks of Advent we pull out the Church’s scrapbook and look at the many persons and events leading up to the coming of the Messiah: Isaiah, David, John the Baptist, Joseph, and Mary, among others.

            The second M represents Majesty. Did you wake up this morning thinking “Today might be the end of the world”? Probably not, but the Church wisely gives us four weeks to know that the Second Coming cometh. Whether tomorrow or hundreds of millennia from now, the Second Coming completes the first one. At that time the Incarnation will reach its fullness when all creation will be united in Jesus Christ.

            The third M stands for Mystery. God comes every moment into our lives in mystery. How has God come mysteriously to you this week? In beautiful scenery? lyrics of a song? the innocence of a child? Forgiveness? Scripture? Prayer? kind words? So many persons and events bring God to us.  AND what we need to remember is that God uses us to reveal His mysterious presence through our words and deeds.

            So now you know the 3 M’s of Advent. M-M-M! Sounds like something good to eat. That’s what Advent is all about—sharing God’ goodness.





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