“Thus says the Lord, your redeemer….I, the Lord, your God, teach you what is for your good.”    Isaiah 48:17

 handheld_device_4686147794HAVE YOU EVER BOUGHT a new gadget or piece of technology and then struggled to learn how to use it? Perhaps you worked some time at it before giving in and consulting the owner’s manual.  Maybe even after reading it the directions remained elusive.  Why can’t we just sit down with the designer and ask him or her to teach us how to use it.

Today in our first reading God is offering to sit down with us and teach us.  He knows our capabilities and our immense capacities because he created us.  He holds the blueprints for humanity because he is our designer.  He handcrafted all of us and each of us individually.  Additionally his very breath animates us with life.  It is this God that is offering to tutor us, to mentor us.  What an offer!  And he promises to reveal what is for our good.

Amazingly people find God’s teaching restrictive, and instead choose what is ultimately so un-life-giving.  By comparison you CAN take your IPhone into the pool with you when you swim or you CAN use it in the shower, but you CAN’T then expect it to keep working well.  It just wasn’t designed for prolonged exposure to water.  You are free to use it in ways it was never intended for, just don’t turn and blame the designer.

God’s teachings do make sense if you try to see them from His point of view. Talk to the Lord, your redeemer today and ask Him to teach you what is for your good.

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