Covey’s famous 7 Habits book claims “Interdependence is ten times more difficult than independence.” How true this is for business teams, athletic teams, economic growth, and peace in the world. Stated positively, interdependence is ten times more effective than independence. So much more can be achieved through teamwork, including the teamwork of intercessory prayer. One of our Sisters sends out prayer requests solicited through our website to all the sisters. Within a day’s time all the Sisters are remembering those intentions in our prayers when we gather for Liturgy of the Hours (Evening Prayer). During the petitions we pray the composed prayer intentions found in our books, but we also add “For all the intentions recommended to our prayer”—the requests that are emailed or spoken to us, those needs we discover daily in the news, the requests tearfully brought by students and coworkers. Where two or three gather in the name of Jesus, Jesus is there in their midst. We are confident of the interdependent prayer—yours and ours together—presented before Jesus Christ, who constantly intercedes for us before the throne of his Father.

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