Pentecost Imagined

When in eternity we may learn more details of the Scripture stories. Perhaps, we may even learn a few humorous anecdotes that didn’t make the final edition of the evangelist. Have you ever imagined what has been left unwritten about the miracles or Infancy Narrative or discourse? I am imagining a different version of Pentecost. It goes something like this:

Andrew: Do you hear that wind? We better take shelter.

James: Look over there. The neighbors’ trees aren’t swaying. The wind is right in here —  with us!

Peter: John, your hair is on fire! Quick, Thomas, get some water. No, wait, yours is on fire, too!

Thomas: No, it can’t be. I don’t feel a thing—well, maybe something like fire in my heart.

Philip: Look! A crowd is gathering! What do you think this means?

Bartholomew: Well, they certainly don’t know what to make of this. See how confused they look.

Andrew: Has anyone seen Simon?

Bartholomew: He’s outside! He’s preaching! Even the Egyptians are listening to him.

Philip: I didn’t know he could speak Egyptian!


Peter: The crowd really listened to us. It’s a miracle that they believe in the resurrection. And so many were baptized!

Philip: We must praise God for today’s miracles. But I wished they didn’t think we were  filled with new wine.

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