I’ve been reading the Rule of Benedict ….  Benedict really does not like grumblers … complainers … he has little use for such smallness in the monastic life.  Joan Chittister, OSB, in her reflection on this part of the Rule, says this about the complainers and grumblers in community life:  “We become a living lamentation.  We become a lump of spiritual cement around the neck of the group.”  WOW!  Have you ever met a “living lamentation?”  What about a “lump of spiritual cement?”  We might call them “sad sacks.” I’ve met a few in my life;

in fact this morning even before I read the Rule’s segment for the day, I was actually praying for one, that this person might know a bit of JOY in life.  This is Sunday … the Lord’s Day … a day for joy … a day for relaxation … a day to spread some good cheer … a few laughs ….  We might take a moment to call to mind a person or two who fits that description of a “living lamentation” and lift her / him up in prayer.  Drop by for a visit.  Take something homemade and delicious.  Pick a flower and share it.  Be on the lookout for opportunities to share your joy.  And watch how it brightens YOUR life too!

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