Gospel_of_Matthew_Chapter“Oh, the possibilities” sounds like a good title for a Dr. Seuss book. It could also be another title for the New Testament, for Jesus came to show us what is possible for humanity. He preached the reign of God as a dynamic process of relatedness by which the world could move forward to a new level of unity, ultimately when all will be one in God. He taught us that everything will return to the Father in unity with him.  In other words, Jesus “made wholes”; that is, he came as the Head of Creation to make all creation one big “whole.”  How did he do this?  He healed physical, emotional, and spiritual divisions to save. Note: salvation is not abstract; it’s concrete and personal and expressed in renewed relationships. Our relationship with God is not just a connection to the highest Being, but accepting others as part of ourselves because we are one in the depth of God’s love. Come to me, Divine Whole-Maker.


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