Nudges to the Heart

On this feast of the Presentation we read of Simeon and Anna, two persons who immediately recognized the Christ of the Lord. Simeon “came in the Spirit into the temple” just as Mary and Joseph brought their Child. Simeon had been “awaiting the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him.” He knew at least that he wouldn’t die before he saw the Messiah. Anna was always in the temple, but Luke says she came “forward at the very time.” Ever watchful and attentive, Simeon and Anna sensed the precise moment that would fulfill their prayerful longing. Years of waiting had prepared their hearts. They felt a nudge to be in the exact spot at the exact moment. Now that’s attention!

If today you feel a nudge to your heart, let your feet follow that nudge. You may find the Christ of the Lord.

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