Notre Dame Logo

The Notre Dame logo puts the ND on the edge.  I’m happy to say that my religious community is willing to live on the edge. We have gone to so many new places in the past 20 years: Mozambique, Nicaragua, Uganda, Peru, Guatemala, New Orleans, and more.  We have ministered where others would rather not go, such as AIDS centers. Retired Sisters look for new ways to share their skills and wisdom. The edge is a good place. We’re not the center of attention. We’re not at the top. We’re not at the bottom. We’re on the edge. Come to think of it—Jesus was on the edge, along with everyone else on the margins: the poor, the unacceptable, the people of the “wrong” religion. May Sisters of Notre Dame reach out to those on the margins of society. May we always be on the edge.

How do you feel about being on the edge?

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