My family prayed the rosary every night usually in the living room or traveling in a car. There was no thought of ever skipping the rosary, but when there was an exceptionally good program on TV, we prayed the rosary during the commercials. We learned there’s always time to get your prayers “in.”

Vacation time is upon us. In our relaxation and travels will we make time to pray and attend worship? Perhaps even doing a bit more for our spiritual lives? Look ahead to plan prayer in your vacation. I have often given students a calendar of their summer vacation. Students were encouraged to choose colors that represented how they might remember “There’s no vacation from your Christian vocation.” Yellow stood for prayer and worship, green for service and generosity, red for reading the Bible, and so on. It was my hope that often students would glance at the calendar as a reminder. “Oh yeah! I’m supposed to pray.”


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