New Year’s Resolution

Although I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, saving that self-correction for my annual retreat usually in late spring, I admire those who do. It certainly feels right to look toward a new year with a desire for a new seedling“you.” Perhaps you have some thoughts about your self-improvement and are formulating a plan.  But have you ever stopped to think that God may have planted that desire in you? Putting up a new calendar may have jarred you into letting God’s desire become your own. You may desire a new “you” that prays more often or more deeply, a new “you” that exercises more, a new “you” that is involved in works of mercy and justice, a new “you” that reaches out to those who have been neglected or need your forgiveness. Whatever resolution flies into your consciousness has already been inside you, lying dormant in 2013 and germinating in 2014. So ask God to grow the seed that God has planted and let the new “you” come to full flower in 2014.

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