Mary milenium  Mary’s yes to the Angel Gabriel exploded into God’s entering our world. God had been longing to be one of us for billions of years. God loved us that much that he created a universe. At the Big Bang 14.8 billion years ago God was on his way to walk among us with two feet, two hands, two ears, and ten toes. Then when Mary said yes, this was the moment of Incarnation, God’s taking on human flesh. This was a new Big Bang! While the first Big Bang was God’s way to become one of us, this second Big Bang was to make us one with God, to make us love in the God who is Love, to make us human more complex than we are now (which will mean less physicality and more spirituality) and reach the Second Coming, that point of the fullness of life and love in God, wherein God, humanity, and all creation are one in Love.

(Sing the following to the melody of “Jingle Bells.”)

New Big Bang! New Big Bang! Mary said her yes.

            In her heart the Godhead came–O womb so highly blessed!

            God became one with us.

            Now we’re one with God.

            Universe—now linked with us toward birth of the whole Christ.

             Evolution is birthing of the Christ. All relations go to great complexity.

            All will one day be the fullness of the Christ.

           What took place in Jesus must now take its place in us. Oh!

 New Big Bang! New Big Bang! So God could give love.

Universe became so large to stretch the love of God!

God is love, so that means all evolves to Love

That’s how we are made to be the image of our God.

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  1. mary james on December 13, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    I love that image! Mary’s yes being the new “Big Bang” It surely was…is!
    Also love the song. I am prone to make parodies,too. Made one for the
    vows after “Becoming Fire”. thanks som much for ;your blog.

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