judasIs there any pain more wounding than that of one whose selfless, unconditional love is rejected? A son or daughter leaves home in anger. A spouse cuts himself off from years of marriage. A teacher tries desperately to reach an unreachable student, only to be lied about and thus losing her reputation. The Holy One selects a disciple named Judas and lavishes three years of comradeship and teaching upon him, to say nothing of His hopes for leadership in His kingdom. Then at one last meal with one last effort:

Go quickly, Judas, go quickly, for I cannot bear the pain of seeing you whom I love smothering in guilt. The crushing agony of empathy for you engulfs me as I offer you this dipped bit of food, the only food that I can offer since you refuse the banquet of my Body. Take this morsel, for I ache for your hunger. Go quickly. If we do not meet again, I want you to be with me this day in paradise.



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