As I walked our neighborhood yesterday morning and shuffled through the leaves that seem to be everywhere these days, I couldn’t help being struck by a few things. 

The many types of leaves that have fallen were a good reminder to me of the many “little deaths” each of us goes through each day.  The sufferings and trials we encounter are as different and varied as the circumstances of our lives.  I really don’t know what each person is facing and what they are being called to give up in their lives. This helps me to cut them some slack just as I hope they do for me.

It’s also interesting to me how people in the neighborhood deal with their leaves.  Some are very careful to clear them from their yards frequently, raking a few at a time.  Some prefer to wait until the very end of the season and do one clean sweep.  Some are highly motivated by publication of the leaf pick up dates, and some simply seem to rely on the wind to carry them away.  Everyone has their own way of dealing with surrender in their lives as well.  It’s good for me to remember there isn’t one right way.

What are you being called to let go of at this point in your life?  What do you find helpful in this process of surrender?


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