Jesus’ One Ideal

According to Chiara Lubich, Jesus had one ideal: “May they all be one.” This was God’s ideal at creation. This was the purpose of the Incarnation. This was the message of Jesus’ life, his last words at the Last Supper. As followers of Jesus, this must be our one and only ideal: unity. How will I increase unity in my family and workplace? When I watch the news, will I recognize the spiritual features of Christ in everyone regardless of race or beliefs and be able to call them brother and sister? When I walk outdoors, will I feel my oneness with all created things? Our world is so divided. Every tiny act of unity (thought, prayer, deed) is badly needed.

Risen Lord, your resurrected life is the power giving unity to everything. Give us the will to solidify the God-given bonds among all people and created things.

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  1. Catherine+Schneider on May 5, 2022 at 5:57 am

    Yes, so needed!!!