The United Nations has declared October 11 the International Day of the Girl, establishing a day to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. The action follows a multi-year campaign by activists in Canada and the United States. In reserving a day for advocacy and action by and for girls, the UN has signaled its commitment to end gender stereotypes, discrimination, violence, and economic disparities that disproportionately affect girls.  This day is especially significant considering yesterday’s attack by the Taliban on Malala Yousufzai, a 14 year old Pakistani girl who spoke out for the right girls have to equal educational opportunities.

I’m very grateful for the ministry Sister Mary Jo Toll does at the United Nations as an advocate for girls all over the world.  I’m also proud of our girls at Notre Dame Academy who have educated themselves and provided information to others that will help make the world a better place for girls.  Raising our own awareness is the first step in promoting changes in such important areas as illiteracy, child marriages, domestic abuse and harmful media images.

The NDA girls are posting flowers this week with phrases of why they are proud to be girls.  Today, they will wear a simple piece of yellow yarn tied around their wrists to show their solidarity with girls all over the world.

Why are you proud to be girls/women?  What will you do today to protect the image of girls and women throughout the world?

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