Thursday of the Third Week of Lent

As a teacher there are certain lessons I loved to teach. With my podium on wheels, I loved to teach progressive tense verbs. I’d tell my students that I drive (present tense) a Ford. They didn’t seem impressed until I said, “I am driving (present progressive tense) my podium.” Then I’d push my podium through the aisles, driving it and bumping into desks, pretending to see a police car in my rearview mirror, and getting a ticket. Driving, bumping, seeing, getting—all verbs that are part of the process.

-ing verbs are extremely important to deepen our spiritual lives. We can’t just say “I pray” or “I help my neighbor.”  What are you doing? How active are you in performing the works of mercy? How involved are you in your church or neighborhood? How much attention are you giving to prayer?

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