How close are we?

beeMy youngest sister and I are the same age, although she was born five years after me. You and I are the same age, too, even though I don’t know who’s reading this blog.  We both began at the Big Bang, or the Grand Radiance, or whatever you wish to call the first instant of creation when everything that exists today had its origin. Cosmology has shown to us that everyone and everything has the same birthday. Every member of the human race has been a womb mate to everyone else. We’re all quite close to each other. Did you know that there’s one species of bee that evolved so that its specific vibration would stimulate the tomato flower to release its pollen?  They co-evolved; one can’t exist without the other. If only we humans realized how closely we are united to the 12.5 million species on Planet Earth—only one sixth of which have been named with genus and species.

If creation seems awesome, then how infinitely more awesome creation’s purpose—to manifest divine goodness in the Incarnation.

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