Holy Spring – ‘Tis spring!

Ver sacrum—“holy spring”!

Come, O south wind,

Blow upon my garden.

Now the acceptable time!

Crocuses slither out of winter’s bellyalleluia11

Like Jonah sputtering relief.

And jonquils and daffodils yawn.


Christ, our Awakener, bid us rise

And live your life.

Wake up!  Rise up!

The forty days and nights of snow are gone.


Run from the well

Your neighbors to tell

Of One who knows all.


Rise from tomb

Unbind and go free!


Blind beggars see light

In later shadows of night.


Come, blessed of my Father,

Inherit the season prepared for you!

Let no flower of spring pass us by.

Let life resound!


But hold back your “Alleluia” until

You are made worthy to see the

Firstfruits of the Lord’s Passion

And the Holy Pascha in spiritual joy.

Parce, Domine!


Leave a gracious blessing, Creator God,

Leave an aching longing for Pleroma

When all creation sings perpetually

Surrexit Christus, alleluia!


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  1. Sister Celine on April 21, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Inspirational poetry, Sister Valerie. Thank you.