Holy Heartburn?

Isn’t it interesting that commercial after commercial on TV suggests ways for us to rid ourselves of heartburn, let alone multiple other physical maladies and inconveniences?  Yet, the sense in today’s Scripture reading and those throughout this Easter season seems to be that of nurturing the inner flame and fueling the fire!

The disciples on the road to Emmaus are weary, discouraged and ready to quit when suddenly Jesus walks with them and sets their hearts on fire!  Mary Magdalene in the garden is beside herself with grief when Jesus calls her name and reignites her hope and passion.  The apostles in the upper room are in hiding out of fear when the Spirit of Jesus descends on them in tongues of fire, and nothing will keep them from proclaiming the truth of the resurrection!

Perhaps we need to be open to fueling the fire within through Word, Sacrament and the Presence of Jesus in our midst.


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