Often the date of death is called one’s birthday into eternal life. Consequently the date of death sometimes becomes the day on which the Church celebrates canonized saints. If our foundress Hilligonde Wolbring (in religious life Sister Maria Aloysia) ever becomes canonized, May 6 could become her feastday. That date would be felicitous, because one week later on May 13 our congregation celebrates Saint Julie Billiart, our spiritual mother. The charisms of these two sisters are similar. Saint Julie often said “Oh, how good is the good God!” Sister Maria Aloysia and her co-foundress Sister Maria Ignatia Kuhling left a legacy of trust in the goodness and provident care of God. May the Sisters of St. Julie’s congregation, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, and our congregation continue giving to the Church and the world a belief in God’s goodness. And may God be praised for God’s goodness!


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