Many jack-o-lanterns have smiling faces. I can think of two reasons that this might be so.  The first is the fact that Halloween preludes All Saints Day.  And who are the saints?  The saints are those who imitated Christ the Light of the World, who said to his followers, “You are the light of the world.”  It’s the light in the jack-o-lantern that illumines steps and sidewalks. It’s the light radiating from the saints that illumines our way to Christ.

The second reason comes from the fact that Jesus had the last laugh. On Good Friday the devil laughed in derision: “Jesus is dead. He was just a fake. Now evil will rule.” But Jesus had the last laugh in triumph when he rose from the dead.  Jesus Christ conquered evil and death. And forevermore we are privileged to share in Christ’s last laugh.

Carve space in yourself to let God’s light shine through.

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