God’s Time or Mine?

I must say I’m very much enjoying this unseasonably warm weather.  There’s something about sunshine, budding trees and green everywhere that seems to bring out the best in people. Perhaps the timing of having this sort of weather so early in March has made it even more of a gift.

I find it interesting how much I appreciate God’s “surprise timing” when it involves things like sunshine and spring days, but how I tend to struggle when my plans are “interrupted” in other ways. It’s so much easier to trust God’s timing when the results are comfortable and pleasant.  Will I trust in His care just as much if we have snow on Easter?

Mary was certainly familiar with God’s interruptions in her life. If anyone knew what it was like to have her plans turned inside out and upside down, it was Mary!  She, like our foundress Hilligonde Wolbring, came to trust God’s love and care more than her own plans no matter where they took her.

Will I trust God’s timing today, knowing that He cares for me infinitely more than I can even begin to imagine?


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