The Book of Daniel and other Biblical books refer to God as a “great and awesome God,” who keeps his merciful covenant toward those who love him and observe his commandments. God has an enduring commitment to us, an obligation to us, and we to God. God and we are Covenant Partners. How are we doing in keeping the covenant?

God our Creator emptied the Godself in Creation and Incarnation. Jesus Christ emptied the Godself in his kenosis. We are called to kenosis as partners in God’s plan. Covenant kenosis is more than doing some Lenten sacrifices like giving up TV or meat. Covenant kenosis is the shape of our lives—to be persons of almost unconscious self-emptying through the absence of ego in our daily doings. Like Jesus Christ, our first response is toward the weak, embracing their suffering. It’s a call to make ourselves vulnerable in care for our brothers and sisters. It’s to hold nothing back that makes us only “just us,” rather than becoming the extension of Jesus Christ in our world today. To view ourselves as nothing is key to God-partnering.

Self-emptying God, help us keep up our part in your work of Incarnation and in our incarnational spirituality.

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