God Ahead  

1 angel

Throughout Advent we hear “Prepare the way.” So we get busy filling in valleys, making mountains low, smoothing the rough ways. All the earth is getting ready, actually evolving to become Love, the metaphor of Christ. The Spirit who breathed upon the waters in Genesis continues to breathe over the earth. Through the Spirit Christ unites with the universe, evolving, evolving until all will be one in the fullness of the Incarnation. All is in process—all humanity and all created matter. All will one day become part of the divine plenitude in its right relationship with Love. Let’s sing about it using the melody “Angels from the Realms of Glory.”

All creation is becoming Love, the metaphor of Christ.

            Incarnating evolution is the world of Christ’s Spirit.

            Be a part of Christ’s own myst’ry in the Spirit’s energy.

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