Getting through the Cracks

Leonard Cohen claimed there’s a crack in everything, and that’s how the light gets in. We all have our cracks, our imperfections, our faults and fault lines. But “the Lord is my light and my salvation.” The light of God, His grace, can penetrate anywhere. So, we have nothing to fear. God can get through the cracks. The two blind men in today’s gospel didn’t follow Jesus’ directions to keep their cure quiet. Instead they blabbed the whole story “through all that land.” Perhaps that crack of seeming disobedience spread the light for many others to know Jesus and come to him in faith. Who may have heard the story? Herod? The man with a shriveled hand? The Canaanite woman?

O God, let others see beyond my cracks, my faults, to see you and your work within me.

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