Did you ever notice that when you’re fully engaged in an activity, you rarely lose energy; and if you do, it’s a good kind of tiredness? In your home, in your church, in your everyday activities, are you fully engaged? If so, you’ll find yourself becoming stronger, more energized—actually even more engaged.

?????????? Those who are fully engaged in their faith, allowing it to be involved in every aspect of their lives find satisfaction in life. Belief in religious truths does not automatically make a person spiritually committed. We need to incorporate our beliefs in our daily lives. Statistically only one in seven people are fully spiritually committed (Gallup poll). To raise that percentage, we need to help people do what they do best. When people are permitted to do what they do best, they are nearly three times more likely to be engaged.

 What are your talents and strengths? What are the talents and strengths of your family and friends? What do you and they love to do? Just do it.

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  1. Sr. Joanne Mary on February 13, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    It looks to me like Sr. Carol Ann Mary likes to spend time with children. I can only imagine that she crashes at night after a day with the kids, esp. outside; but she always goes back for more with great gusto and has been doing it for y-e-a-r-s (we won’t say how many!!??) Go for it, Sister!

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