Freeing Those in Captivity

Today’s reading from Mark’s Gospel relates the story of Jesus calling the evil spirit out of a man in the Gerasene territory.  I think most of us think of this story as the one in which the pigs were drowned in the lake!  Hopefully, we don’t miss the bigger message.

The man in the Gospel is just one example of someone held captive, in this case by a “legion” of evil spirits.  I couldn’t help but think of the many others in our world who are held captive.  Especially forefront in my mind today is the little five year old boy being held hostage in Alabama and the many individuals who were likely victims of trafficking during the Super Bowl festivities this past weekend. There are also those held captive by addictions of various sorts.

At another point in the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that he was sent “to proclaim liberty to captives.”  As one of his followers, I can do no less.  It may mean actively working for legislation against human trafficking or praying for all victims or freeing someone from my judgments and biases against them.

Who is the captive I will free today?


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