Most of us probably lead very ordinary lives. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever get the proverbial “15 minutes of fame.” But let’s look at our day.  Our 16+ hours of waking time contain at least 64 15-minute slots. Slots for work, slots for family, slots for conversation, slots for prayer, slots for meals, slots for leisure. Now pick a slot—any slot. Did you fill that slot for something or someone? Did you invest yourself for the good of others? Did that task make the world–or some little corner of it–a better place? Did your prayer nudge a mountain? Did your compassion bring a tear to someone’s eye? When we do anything for someone or something outside ourselves, we are not leading just an ordinary life. We are giving ourselves. And when we read in Scripture about giving a cup of cold water, that’s all the fame we need. Our deeds are written in heaven.

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