Feast of All Saints

Spirit windowHappy Feastday!  Has anyone extended this greeting to you today?  I hope you will hear it at least once!  After all, it is your feast, our feast, the feast of all the “little saints” here and gone before us.  Oh, we are used to the “biggies” … the Peters and Pauls, the Matthew – Mark – Luke – and John quartet … Mary Magdalen, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Joan of Arc, and the list goes on and on. They have their own special feast days on our liturgical calendar. But what about us?  Have you given a thought to your own grandparents, your Mom and Dad, your siblings who have gone before you?  Do you think of them as saints?  Do you think of yourself as a “Saint-in-the-making?”  Today is  a good day to take some time to celebrate them, their ongoing presence in your life.  Today is a good day to celebrate us, saints on the way, doing our best to live a life of joyful service and compassionate grace.  What will you do to celebrate today?  Happy Feastday!

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