Faith and Creativity

Vinita Hampton Wright is the author of The Soul Tells a Story. In her book Wright says, “Faith figures into creative work at every step. You say yes to the work, trusting that you are in some way called to it.” She goes on to say that the creative person has faith that there is a reason for the creative project, whatever it may be. It is this faith in the call to be creative that enhances one’s spiritual life. Whether the creativity produces a decorated birthday cake, a song, an essay, a lesson plan via zoom, an art piece in wood or clay, or a clean room arranged in a different way, it is you saying yes to the work to which you are called. And if the cake flops, the song isn’t a hit, the essay remains unpublished, and the artistic pieces doesn’t meet your satisfaction, your faith will be stronger in the effort. And that’s accomplishment.

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