Enough is Enough

When my parents got impatient with us kids for our loudness or rowdiness, after some futile attempts to curb our outbursts, they would say, “Enough is enough.” That was more than just a hint to be quiet. We were being taught to be content with less rambunctiousness. We heard,” Enough is enough” again when we wanted more cookies.

Recently in her book Radical Spirit, a book discussing humility, Joan Chittister wrote ‘Develop a sense of enoughness’ in the chapter titled “Be Content with Less Than the Best.” Having only enough can be humbling. Perhaps we have enough clothes, but not the latest styles. Sufficient food is on the table, but the fare is quite simple. Unemployment, failure, aging may bring embarrassment, even hardship.  We may want to cry in frustration, “God, this is enough! Enough is enough.” Then we may hear a whispering of divine words in our heart, “I have given you enough, and enough is enough.”

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