Diplomacy Kneaded into the Bread

Abigail Carroll’s poem “Creed” begins “I believe in the life of the word, / the diplomacy of food.” The power and life in Jesus’ words as he gratefully blessed the five loaves multiplied the bread until thousands had their fill. Did Jesus use the diplomacy of food in the multiplication of the loaves? Jesus was always a genius when dealing with people in effective and sensitive ways. Jesus made the boy who offered the loaves feel important. Jesus told the apostles to take charge of organizing the crowd and distributing the food—no small task. When the people discovered the miracle, they said, “This is truly the Prophet” and wanted to “carry him off to make him king.” Rather than cause a scene or disappoint, Jesus diplomatically slipped away, leaving the fragments behind. Apparently, diplomacy was the seasoning Jesus folded into the bread miracle.

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