Christian Unity Begins in My Home Parish

Throughout this week of Christian Unity we pray that all denominations will be one. But unity is needed within the Church, too. In particular, let us pray for and reach out to the “nones.” Perhaps those who identify themselves as “no religion” could have their interest piqued. Take a chance on inviting someone to Liturgy of the Hours or Benediction or a Marian devotion. You might find openness to the faith, once people (especially youth) hear about things they never experienced.

Some people see the Church as behind the times, because they don’t hear a lot about cosmology, evolution, or issues like immigration, capital punishment, racism, and sexism. Share with them the truths the Church teaches about these issues.

Everyone wants to belong. During this week of Christian Unity, emphasize that we are all the Body of Christ. We are united by the One Bread of Life that makes us all one Body in Christ. Everyone is united to the Lord.

And one final thought: Bring someone with you as you perform some service at church. As they follow you around, they just might say, “Well, I could do that, too.”

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