Celebrate Life!

Today as we commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I’m reminded of the many people in our country and world who work and pray to withhold the value of life.

Three of our Sisters (Sister Mary Jo Szpila, Sister Linda Maria Pelagio and Sister Jan Marie Lonsway) minister at Path to Life Hope Home here in Toledo.  Their mission is clear:

Path to Life is an interfaith, life-affirming non-profit organization.

Believing in the sanctity and dignity of each human life, from conception to natural death, our mission is to provide alternatives that protect the inherent right to life of the unborn and empower single pregnant women who lack the resources and support to cope with their unexpected pregnancies.It is our goal to provide a safe and nurturing environment that is non-judgmental and emotionally and spiritually supportive for pregnant women in need.

Our maternity housing is a great option for expectant mothers ages 18 and over who wish to make a decision regarding their future as well as the future of their unborn child, without the pressure that can come from friends and family who may not be supportive.

I am so proud of our Sisters and the many volunteers and donors who support this much needed ministry.  Their efforts help to make it possible for women to choose to support life rather than end it.

Check out their new electronic newsletter at http:www.path2life.org/newsletter  to read more about this ministry. 

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