Celebrate ALL Saints!!

The Solemnity of All Saints Day on November 1 is a day that honors all those in heaven. Throughout the year we have many feasts of individual saints who are “canonized” or “listed” among the blessed. How did these saints get on the Church calendar? When Christ established the Kingdom, he didn’t hand out lectionaries, Roman Missals, and Church calendars. The days and seasons of the Church Year took centuries, and they continue to change with new saints being added. The original Church Year (calendar) had only Sundays and one whopping Sunday called Easter. Eventually, some anniversaries of the martyrs’ deaths (their “birthdays” into heaven) began to dot the calendar. These saints were remembered annually and continue to be. All who are living or have lived the life of Christ through their baptism are saints. Consider writing on a calendar the death dates of your loved ones. Throughout the year remember them on their special days. Put them all together to write your own Litany of Saints.

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  1. CATHERINE SCHNEIDER on November 1, 2022 at 5:33 am

    Love the history and the suggestion of a personal Litany of Saints!