As an international congregation, we Sisters have occasional opportunities to travel to other countries for congregational conferences and ministry. You may know our mission in Papua New Guinea and our presence in a dozen countries around the world. Our Generalate—our “headquarters”—is in Rome, established there in 1944 from its original site in Germany to be close to the heart of the Catholic Church. With Sisters from around the world, Sisters from northwest Ohio have been a perennial presence in the Generalate—as community leaders, cooks, assistants. Sister Pat McClain will be traveling to Rome soon to take the place of Sister Linda White (another Toledoan), who will be returning to Ohio after seven years. Although Sisters have some choice in their place of residence and work, we are mindful of our worldwide congregation and know that our following the Lord in Notre Dame may take us from our homeland. Sister Pat will be in Rome three years. At her farewell she told us she made a journal with photos of all of us. When we need a prayer, Sister Pat will include the intention in her journal with our photo. This is one way to keep us united in our congregation as all of us around the world incarnate the love of our good and provident God.

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