Big Mistakes

Olympics,_While watching the Olympics recently, haven’t you heard about the “big mistakes”? Someone was behind .04 seconds! Huge! If a hundredth of a second can have so much meaning with such great or such disastrous results, what about the seconds in our day? On February 3, we at St. Richard Parish buried Deacon Tim Worline, who served the parish over 30 years. The homily spoke about the seconds of his life and how he used each one so well. How true it was: Deacon Tim was a man of integrity in every aspect of his life—family, business, Church. And he really did make use of every second, as he never stopped reading, learning, developing new skills and hobbies. The vote on his life was unanimous: all agreed Tim lived every minute of his life. What about us? The seconds put into needed rest and relaxation are important; however, we need to be careful not to make the big mistake of not pushing ourselves toward the ultimate goal—transformation of ourselves and our world into the Body of Christ.

Spend some seconds today more wisely for the Kingdom.

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